CXC English B POETRY Tutorials for CSEC 2012

VincyClassroom is pleased to be the recipient of Tutorial Assistance from a number of leading teachers in their particular disciplines. These written tutorial discussions and past papers are available to assist all students who will be doing CSEC English B this year.

Here are the following updates for your attention. Please download and print and study the following discussions:-

1. Sample question and answer THEME FOR ENGLISH B and SABINA TEST MATCH Please CLICK HERE

2. The Woman Speaks to the Man who has Employed her Son CLICK HERE

3. Dreaming Black Boy CLICK HERE

4.  This is the Dark Time,  My Love CLICK HERE

5. The poem THEME FOR ENGLISH B By Langston Hughes CLICK HERE

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8 thoughts on “CXC English B POETRY Tutorials for CSEC 2012

  1. Melissa

    Wow. This site is sheer brilliance. I am very proud of the producer, contributors. Please keep it going.

  2. starry


  3. trini girl

    is it only the poetry you do for the csec?

  4. Melissa

    I wish i had known about this cite long ago

  5. Lora

    Post more analysis of other poems.

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