Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the first ever Vincy Classroom – an online interactive resource for all students in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. If you received one of the government-issued laptops or you have your own computer and access to internet then this is the place to really make your learning come alive. This site is also designed for teachers and parents who want to have access to resources linked to the curricula as well as tips for empowering your students and children to become fully functional and competent digital learners and citizens.

This is an initiative of the New Democratic Party, spearheaded by the Shadow Ministers of Information Technology and Education within the New Democratic Party,  in collaboration with the Young Democrats. It came about after an all out discussion about how we could assist all Students to utilize properly the laptops issued to them by the Government.  In collaboration with parents and others in our society who believe in Information Technology and Innovation as a tool for transforming our economy, and developing all Vincentian people, this website was created to be a source from which students could get information, indicate the areas from which they can benefit, and interact with the Teachers and other individuals who are posting content on this site, in order to assist in their education. It hopes to function as a space where Teachers can also share ideas.

This site is of course a work in progress, still under construction,  and would depend on your interaction and input to grow and become the resource which our youngsters so definitely need in order to access the knowledge which can be found online.

Thanks for taking the opportunity to surf the site…share it with your neighbours and friends.

Thanks again for surfing!

-Sen. Hon. Vynnette A. Frederick

Shadow Minister of Telecommunications

Science and Technology and Culture


23 thoughts on “Welcome!

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  2. shanfa cato


  3. Rebecca Turtin

    hi good day i am trying to get on the vincy classroom for my daughter and i am not getting throught even thou i typed in http://svgenet.gov.vc don’t care what i type in i just cann’t get it.So i am asking for your help can you please send the address thank you

    • you are already on the vincyclassroom site. As a matter of fact you are on the welcome page making this comment…so how can we help you.

      • YAELDIVA

        hoe to do common entrance paper online

  4. is there any past paper for lit

  5. i learnt a lot from this web. now i can pass my common and privit.


    sorry mistype how

  7. vincyclassroom is fun

  8. vincy class room is helpful for me and it will help me pass my common entrance

  9. Ho do i join???

  10. coleen

    this great but need more past papers for cxc subjects

  11. Zeek

    this nice and have past paper for cxc and Common subjects

  12. kenseha

    vincy classroom is fun

  13. vincyclassroom is the best

  14. i am enjoying vincyclassroom lol

  15. star


  16. Tyra B

    Vincy classroom is very fun and educating also. I love it

  17. aalyiah


  18. aalyiah

    best site to learn if u want to pass common entrance

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